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Save up to 80% on electronics for back to school

An $83 laptop? Yes, please! One smart way to save on electronics for your kids is by buying refurbs at sites like Blinq, Secondipity, eBay, Walmart, and Amazon Warehouse Deals, where you can find discounts of as much as 80%. This is an especially smart way to save on electronics for younger children who can be tough on computers. Here are 3 smart ways to get the best refurb deal:

1. Look for "manufacturer refurbished" in product descriptions. That means the manufacturer has checked out the item and made any necessary repairs. You may even get a warranty with the deal.

2. Check the return policy. Some sites limit returns or don't allow them at all.

3. Buy from a reputable seller. If you're shopping on eBay, make sure the vendor has a 98% rating or higher.

One last note: Always remember to do a price check to make sure you're getting the best deal. Other sellers might offer that refurb at a lower price or in better condition. And if the price isn't much cheaper than buying new, you might want to skip the refurb route.

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