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5 clever dollar-store hacks you've got to try!

These simple tricks can save you hundreds of dollar a year on groceries!

  1. Load up on dollar store mega-deals! These are the items at dollar stores that cut your costs in half or even more. But which ones are the megas? They're often hidden because it can be tough to compare apples to apples—or eggs to eggs!—because package sizes are often a lot smaller or larger. You may, for example, see a can of coffee that’s just 6 ounces instead of the usual 10.5, or an 18-count carton of eggs instead of the usual dozen. So you need to do the math—and that's where your smartphone comes in. Use the calculator to divide the item's price by the number of ounces (or units, pounds, grams, or square feet) in the container. That will give you the price per ounce or other measurement. Do the same thing on comparable items at the supermarket or wherever you usually do your grocery shopping. When you find a dollar-store mega-deal, stock up! I recently found a dollar mega-deal on Hunt's ketchup for 60% off vs. Walmart—amazing!

  2. Get the apps! Some of the big chains have apps that give you access to coupons that can whittle down your savings even more! I saw coupons for $2 off Tide and Cottonelle toilet paper on the Dollar General app. Apps also put dollar-store flyers at your fingertips so you can easily keep on top of sales and never miss out on a deal. Also sign up for email alerts for exclusive coupons and other deals. I recently got an email from Family Dollar with coupon that shaved $5 off $15 worth of cleaning supplies, including big brands like Clorox and Glad.

  3. Buy in bulk! Dollar Tree sells bulk sizes online that you can have shipped to the store for free. For example, you can order a shipment of 14 boxes of Honey Nut Toasted Oats cereal for just a buck a box at

  4. Check the store brands. Dollar General offers super-cheap store brands under the "DG" logo and also Clover Valley. Store-brand products range from food and beverages to toiletries. You'll even find DG Health tooth-whitening strips!

  5. Don't miss the booze bargains! Some dollar stores offer beer and wine deals. Dollar General even has its own house brand of wine, called Spring Creek, which actually gets good reviews! Cheers!

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