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What to buy & what to skip July 4th weekend

The secret to saving really big: Stock up on the right stuff at the right time. And July 4th weekend is a great time to snap up lots of stuff on sale. Here's a list of what to buy now, and what to hold off on.

What to buy now:

*Condiments: Ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce are all on sale at stores like Walmart and your local supermarket. Unopened, ketchup can last for 2 years! So stock up!

*Hot dogs and hamburgers: They last for up to 6 months in the freezer so even if you're not having a cookout this weekend, load up that cart!

*Ice cream and other treats. It's National Ice Cream Month! It's also ice cream season so check for sales and coupons. It's also a big weekend for sales on chips.

*Tents: Dick's, Target, and other stores are featuring great deals right now so if you're thinking about camping this summer, hop on those tent deals!

What to hold off on:

*TVs and electronics. Wait for Amazon Prime Day on July 11th, especially if you're looking to buy any Amazon devices, such as a Kindle or an Echo! Or wait for back-to-school sales in August.

*Summer clothing. Wait for end-of-season blowout sales.

*Back-to-school supplies. The sales are a coming!

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